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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


1. A more Natural “Boob Job” using your own fat

2. Also known as Fat Graft Breast Augmentation

3. 2 for 1 Procedure – Liposuction and Breast Enlargement together

4. Becoming a more popular Breast Augmentation technique

5. Fat Graft option gives a more natural look and feel

6. Fat Graft incisions are all small, very small

7. Recovery is relative to the patient

8. Breast pain is less compared to Augmentation with Implants

9. At least 1 week off of work is recommended

10. Look forward to larger and fuller breasts

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Have you ever heard women joking about taking fat from their hips and thighs and putting it in their chests? Well, that can happen. Fat grafting for breast augmentation is growing in popularity. This option gives the most natural look and feel of the breast.

The use of one’s own living fat for breast augmentation has many advantages. The most important of which is that the fat becomes a permanent, living part of the breast. This is an “autograft” which refers to tissue taken from and grafted into the same individual. Using specialized techniques that preserve the cells, fat can be successfully transferred from one part of the body to another.

Fat grafting has been used by Plastic Surgeons in many other parts of the body for years. This has been used for smaller volume deficits in Breast Reconstruction in the past. However, the techniques developed for successful larger volume fat grafting in cosmetic breast enhancement are relatively new. The techniques have also allowed plastic surgeons to completely reconstruct breasts after Mastectomy for Breast Cancer. The goal to supply the fat cell, in its new environment with nutrients and oxygen in order for it to survive; this is with an adequate blood supply. This is why the majority of patients who undergo this technique, to obtain more Naturally Enlarged Breast, need more than one procedure. When there is minimal breast tissue to start with, there is a limited amount of blood supply and, therefore, a limited amount of fat can be successfully placed and expected to survive. However, once there is additional living fat, it stimulates the body to make more blood vessels. After a period of time, the fat provides a greater volume into which more fat cells can be grafted the next time around. Again, this means enlarging the breasts through fat injection techniques may require more than one operation in order to achieve the enhancement the patient desires.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

1. Women who feel their breast size and/or appearance is too small

2. Women who have low self-esteem, especially about their intimacy

3. Women who consider their breasts less desirable after pregnancy

4. Good physical health

5. Positive outlook and realistic expectations

6. Non-smoker

7. Women who want to avoid the associated problems with Implant Breast Augmentation

8. Women who want a more Natural / Anatomic Breast Augmentation

Often women are self-conscious about their breast size or appearance. For them, to be seen in a swimsuit is a “no way” experience. This can affect their self-esteem and all too often, their intimacy. Many women never develop a desired amount of breast tissue. For some, pregnancy may improve this dilemma for a short time. Then, there are those who feel they had what are to be considered “nice breasts” only to become disappointed after they were done nursing.

The majority of the women seeking breast augmentation fit into these categories and are good candidates for the procedure. However, only an evaluation and discussion with your plastic surgeon will help you understand if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation using Fat Transfer.

For the person who wants to have very large breasts in one operation, this is not the procedure of choice. That person is a better candidate for Breast Augmentation with Implants. Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer is for the person who wants the most natural result with living tissue as opposed to a prosthetic, manufactured implant device, which will eventually fail.

Details of the Breast Augmentation with Fat Graft Procedure

Breast augmentation with fat graft is a 2-for-1 procedure: The patient gets both liposuction and larger breasts. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is done either in a hospital or surgical center. Usually this is under general anesthesia, but can occasionally be done under local anesthesia with sedation. Sterile techniques are important to avoid potential infections. Fat grafting is different from Implants in that the incisions at all sites are usually about ¼ inch or less. Liposuction of the thighs, hips, and/or abdomen provides the fat that is injected into the breasts.

The experienced surgeon is able to carefully harvest the fat in order to provide the optimal chances of success. The fat is transferred into the Breast in a manner to get the best results. This requires the judgement needed to inject the proper amounts of fat, carefully woven into the living breast tissue. Only a stitch or two is needed to close the incisions. A compression garment is placed to help with the contour and swelling of the areas where the fat was harvested. A loose dressing is used for the breasts to avoid compression of the fat that needs a new blood supply.

Please be aware that laser liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction are techniques that make it easier on the surgeon to remove fat. These methods kill the fat before removing it. These methods result in an unsuccessful outcome in fat grafting and need to be avoided.

The advantage over implants is that this is the patient’s own tissue. The investment is made up front so that the patient won’t need to worry about the other operations in the future that will be needed with breast implants.

The dedicated patient may consider the use of external vacuum devices preoperatively. These devices serve to expand the skin and enhance the blood circulation so that more fat can be grafted than would otherwise be possible. This entire process depends on whether the patient has sufficient fat stores that can be used as donor sites. The amount that the patient has to give is the limiting factor as to how large the breast can be in the end. More than one procedure may be needed to achieve the best results possible.

During your consultation with Dr. Fairbanks, he will discuss your options and your individualized potential outcomes

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Recovery After Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

1. At least a week off of work is recommended

2. Excessive motion of the arms is discouraged during healing process

3. Heavy lifting discouraged during healing process

4. Compression garment worn for liposuction areas for 6 weeks

5. Pain medication is given for discomfort

Fat grafting recovery is also different than implants in that the tenderness is more at the liposuction sites as opposed to the breasts. Like implant surgery, pain medication is given to make the discomfort tolerable. Excessive motion of the arms and heavy lifting are also discouraged during the healing process. Minimal motion allows for the fat graft to become vascularized by the new blood supply and allows for the fat to heal in the proper position. With regards to the liposuction areas, a special compression garment is worn for 6 weeks. This helps to control swelling and compress the skin to your new body contours. One to 2 weeks off of work is encouraged. This is all patient dependent, as some are more resilient than others.

Results of both the breast enlargement and the liposuction are noticed right after the initial dressings are removed. The final results are usually appreciated at 3 months after the surgery. The end result includes larger, fuller and more natural breasts. More importantly, we find high satisfaction among those who undergo Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.

Expectations after Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

After the surgery, instructions are given to guide activities and limitations, all designed to obtain the best results. By 6 weeks, usual activities can be resumed. Exercises are taught to help keep the breast implants soft.

Nipple sensation is important. Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer has a lower chance of injury to the nerves of the nipples. Mammograms are recommended at the regular scheduled times.

Overall, the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient can expect satisfaction with soft, larger, fuller and more natural breasts.

Will my results last?

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer provides natural, reliable and lasting results. Just the same, the breast is a dynamic structure and changes with age, weight gain, and weight loss. The person to chooses this technique will experience similar changes to the breasts as if she had larger breasts to begin with. The key point is that these changes are natural.

Everyone who has Breast Implants will need other operations in the future; to reposition them, to replace them, to remove them when the person in ‘done having implants’. Both techniques require multiple operations. The difference is that the woman who chooses Breast Augmentation with Fat transfer, is committed to going through the process in the beginning, and yet obtain the more natural result in the end.

Safety and Aesthetics with Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Our Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer has been found to be a safe and reliable technique that gives a woman a more natural enhancement of the breasts. As with all surgeries, every consideration is made to insure patient health and safety. Aesthetics and concepts of beauty will be reviewed with you during your consultation. Various approaches will also be reviewed along with the pros and cons prior to your surgery.

Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is well known for the quality of his breast augmentation surgery. He will work with you to create a plan to make you as attractive and proportional as possible using the most advanced methods of both art and medical science.

Call Fairbanks Plastic Surgery at (801) 951-8099 today to schedule your consultation for your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation options.

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About Dr. Fairbanks

Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks is a graduate of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. He completed an internship in El Paso, Texas at William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Thereafter Dr. Fairbanks served as a General Medical Officer in the U.S. Military at Raymond W. Bliss Army Community Hospital at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. His training in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery was completed at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, affiliated with Penn State University. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

To further his training he accepted a fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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